Founded in 2005, iQios were innovative technology company which the FIRST Free Subscription GPS Tracking solutions in Indonesia with brand name iTrack GPS Tracking. iQios is based in Surabaya, East Java with branch offices at Jakarta and Medan. Now in 2012, iQios launch the FIRST GPS Navigation with FREE Lifetime Traffic Information in Indonesia with brand name : WatchTower. This FREE Traffic information can be receive in Greater Jakarta area as starting area and will be develop to all major cities in Indonesia.

iQios has division call iQiosTMC which is the FIRST leading-provider of traffic information in Indonesia. With iQiosTMC service that intelligently combining the best data from the largest traffic network in greater Jakarta area with updated technologies such as : GPS Tracking database, CCTV data, Authority Data field, Radio data and many more to give accurate traffic information to road user by GPS Navigation.